• 01 September 2016

5 Top Tips for your first dance fitness class

Get the most from your 1st class!

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Well done – you have signed up for your first dance fitness class, maybe it is at the gym, but it could just as easily be at a local community or church hall. Many people are nervous attending their first class, especially if they are going alone. Here are some top tips to make sure you have a great time and burn a few calories!

1. Wear the right clothing.

The teacher may have something on their website about what clothes to wear but if they don’t you can’t go wrong with a pair of lightweight jazz or capri fitness pants. They are lighter than tracksuit bottoms which can be heavy and sweaty and are less revealing than sport shorts.  A loose fitting top and sports bra are a must as well.

2. Wear the right footwear.

I know you would expect us to say this but your knees will thank us! Do not wear your running trainers. Invest in a pair of dance trainers (you can get a good pair from £25). If you don’t have time to get a pair and have to wear normal trainers then be careful of sideways movements and spins. Go carefully during these moves and pay attention to any soreness in the knees or hips.

3. Bring water, a hand towel and some loose change.

You may find the class more energetic than you thought so some water to rehydrate and a towel to wipe down will keep you in top form during the class. Loose change is handy for lockers, carpark tickets as well perhaps an energy drink or health bar after the class.

4. Listen to your body.

When the music is pumping out loud and you are caught up in the moment it is easy to ignore your body. If this is your first class then your joints may be tight, so warm up properly with the rest of the class. If you feel tired or breathless, take a break for 5 minutes or reduce the vigorousness of the movement until you have caught your breath back.

5. Enjoy yourself.

Remember everyone at the class has been a newbie at some point. Congratulate yourself that you have actually made it to class! Everyone is there to have fun and get fitter, so enjoy the music and the movements. Listen to the instructor. No one is expecting you to be perfect and this is not a career move so bust out those moves!


My purchase was straightforward and as simple as I could have hoped for.

Josh - Canterbury
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