• 01 October 2016

Bokwa - Is it for you?

Find out more about this new dance craze!

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Looking to try a new dance class? Then Bokwa could be for you!

In Bokwa (pronounced BOW – KWA) you draw letters and numbers with your feet while performing a calorie burning cardio routine.

Bowka blends South African dance with hip hop, Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art)  and step aerobics to create a lively  fun dance class.

This type of dance class is more free-style than say, Zumba.

In these classes you make up your own dance moves by simply moving to the beat using the basic letter or number shape for the movement.Each move is pretty simple and you can ad-lib or add your own freestyle  elements such as extra shimmies , grinds and hip bumps to get the kind of work out you need.

This allows you to choose whether you want a low, medium or high impact class so don’t be afraid to try it if you are not super fit or feel you are not a natural dancer.

As with Zumba, what footwear you wear is important. Keep those knees and hips pain-free by choosing trainers designed for these type of classes. Do not wear your running trainers to these kind of classes. They are designed to stop the kind of movements the class is based on!  Choose a pair with spin spots and adequate support.

If you are a regular at these kind of classes then something light-weight with the right kind of sole for banging out those extra dance move is what you need. Or you could 

Watch this video to find out more and to see if it is for you!

There are now over 4,000 certified Bokwa instructors in the UK so keep an eye out for it in your local gym or fitness centre!


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