• 15 August 2016

Learn Hip Hop Choreography!

Let Mark Ballas take you through some moves!

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Mark Ballas has worked with many of the greats, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake! His moves are smooth and in this video he takes you through a complete hip hop routine from the ground up.

Mark is a fantastic teacher and breaks down each move so you can copy at home. Join him at the end of the video for the full speed routine along with his backing dancers.


Get your dance trainers on and make some space!

Loved this video? Well Mark Ballas offers a complete online hip hop video course, taking you through the basics and on to intermediate and advanced level routines.

He promises to challenge you mentally and physically! A great way to get fit, feel fantastic and learn some fantastic dance routines. All in the comfort of your own home!


"Your customer service team is amazing. Thanks for the advice. Trainers fit perfectly!"

Kathy - Ireland
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