• 13 June 2016

NHS Dance For Fitness

The NHS wants you to dance!

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Dance is not only fun, it reduces stress levels and can be a healthy workout!

The long-term benefits for health from dancing are becoming more and more recognised by health professionals. So much so, that the NHS now has a dedicated 'Dance For Fitness’ page.

It notes that more than 4.8 million people engage in dance related activities every year!

The page is a great resource for anyone considering dance as a way of getting fitter but is uncertain about what type of dance would suit them best.

The NHS page provides plenty of links to sites to help you find a suitable class. You can search by postcode to find local classes. So if you are looking for Tango, Zumba or women only classes you can find it there!

Click here to visit the NHS Dance Fitness page.

Our favourite link on the page is Class Finder. You can enter your postcode and it will show you all the dance classes in your local area!

So why not turn your thoughts on joining a class into action and find one near you today!


Service was A1! smile

Melissa - Leeds
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