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  • 25 May 2016

Zumba – Still the most popular dance fitness class in the UK!

Zumba is over 15 years old now and is still going strong. What is its enduring popularity?

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Zumba has a huge network of certified trainers so a Zumba class is never far away. They say all you need for a great Zumba class is a big space and a decent sound system.

One of the key reasons for its continued success is that Zumba has moved outside the gym setting. While Zumba classes are a feature of every gym timetable, they are also available across the country in most church and community halls. This is a big plus for those without  gym memberships or who just don’t  feel comfortable in a gym environment.

However, the main reason for Zumba’s enduring appeal is that it is fun!

The goal of Zumba isn’t to give you a great set of abs or the perfect butt, it’s to spend one hour feeling free, expressing yourself with like-minded people and to also burn some calories.

Yes, you can burn a lot of calories if you take it seriously (The American Council on Exercise did some research and after boot camp and kettlebells, Zumba was the third-highest caloric-burn fitness program, beating spin classes, step aerobics, and regular aerobics) but the reality is that most attendees do not want to dance and ab crunch until they are in tears, they want to have fun, exercise and sweat to some great music while feeling like they are benefiting their body and health.

Zumba has really brought dance fitness to the masses and we have found that Zumba is often the first dance class that many women (and men of course) try. It is the gateway dance class to other styles but Zumba still maintains its appeal to all ages.


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